Athletes, such as this swimmer, can benefit from PEMF therapy


  • 30-minute Human PEMF Session: $20
  • 60-minute Human PEMF Session: $45*** 
  • 8 Pack of 60-minute Human PEMF Sessions (2x per/week)*: $270
  • Monthly Unlimited Human PEMF Sessions**: $850

Custom session packages are available to address your individual needs.

All rates are subject to change. 
*packages must be paid in full at time of purchase and used within a 3-month period. No refunds are given for unused sessions.
**limited to one 30-minute or 60-minute session per day, to be scheduled during regular office hours. No refunds are given for unused sessions.

***required for initial new client session

Horse receiving PEMF Therapy. Equine PEMF and Equine massage available.


  • 60-minute Full-Body Equine PEMF Session: $100
  • 90-minute Full-Body + Legs Equine PEMF Session: $130

Multiple horse discounts and custom session packages are available.


  • 60-minute Session: $85
  • 90-minute Session: $120
  • 90-minute Combined PEMF/Massage Session: $130

Dog receiving PEMF therapy


If you are considering if PEMF therapy is right for you or your furry four-legged friends, I urge you to discuss this supportive therapy modality with your doctor or veterinarian first. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your doctor or veterinarian to discuss PEMF therapy, ensuring communication, consistency, and success.

The best way to understand PEMF therapy is to experience it. To schedule your sessions, please call or text 603-748-4235 or email