Mikaela studying a horse for equine bodywork

Horses have always been part of my life and I’ve been lucky to compete and train as both an amateur and professional. Wanting to make a life-change, I quit my then soul-sucking corporate job, and embarked on a new career path as a professional rider and equine bodyworker and 2016, Holistica was born. 

When my dressage horse, Ambar, started showing signs of stiffness and chronic pain in his hocks and lower back, the answer I received was to inject his joints. I didn’t want to do that. I knew this horse’s body — he was incredibly sound and fit and didn’t require any type of medical maintenance. I had a hunch his pain and stiffness was the result of deep muscles tightness in the psoas region — an area that as a bodyworker I could influence, but could not actively or effectively palpate to fully release his tension and pain. 

Horse getting Equine PEMF therapy to reduce soreness and inflammation and improve performance.

A friend of mine suggested giving PEMF therapy a try. I was skeptical. Very skeptical. It sounded like hocus-pocus-voodoo. However, after one session, the difference was immediate and shocking. He had zero soreness when I tested his reactions to trigger points and I rode him the same day. Under saddle, he was much more supple and willing to engage his hind-end, working deeply over his back for the first time in weeks. I was floored! And totally hooked. 

Over the following two weeks, he improved immensely through the areas of his SI joint and psoas muscles. That’s the difference with PEMF; it penetrates deeply into muscles and tissues, actively reducing inflammation and eliminating pain, while providing the deepest of deep tissue massage. Other people saw the change in him, too, and it was an easy decision, in addition to massage, to offer PEMF therapy.

Mikaela with her dressage horse who improved with PEMF therapy.

Over time, my PEMF therapy clientele has grown from just horses to include trainers, riders, farriers, other equine bodyworkers, a handful of veterinarians, as well as athletes, weekend-warriors, and everyday people just like you.

As a member of your wellness team, my goal as a Masterson Method trained equine bodyworker and PULSE Centers certified PEMF practitioner is to help put the puzzle pieces together — placing you, your horse, or your other furry four-legged friends on a life path to better wellness, health, and performance.